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Just Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus.com strives to offer a unique, “been there”, personalized perspective toward diabetes for those newly diagnosed with the disease. Insights, technologies, medical discussions, definitions, statistics, suggestions for staying healthy and even the possibility of potential cures included on this website are things we felt noteworthy during our own personal journey as diabetics. We pass them on to you in that light.

We hope it is helpful to you as well, but please note that nothing on this website, our newsletters or emails should be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice, including diagnosis, treatment, fitness, diet or nutrition areas.

Use any information contained here as information for your general knowledge, but do not consider it as medical advice in any form. We are not doctors. We were just diagnosed with diabetes before you, so please consult a physician if you feel you are ill, are concerned about symptoms you may be having, desire to get off medications or are even considering a change in your exercise or diet plan – before you do so.

The About Me page gives more detail on who “we” are, but I am a firm believer in being an active part of keeping me healthy … and I act under the advice of a physician in all that I do to combat my type 2 diabetes. I strongly recommend you do the same.

Please do not disregard, delay getting or substitute medical advice already provided by your physician based on something you read here.